A Vitality Manifesto

We’re either living or we’re dying. There’s no in-between.

The way we treat our bodies through our lifestyles, the quality of the choices we make, and health of our relationships either contribute to our thriving or our merely surviving.

I know what it’s like to live ‘dead’ and I NEVER want to go back. When I was ‘dying’ I lived a harsh lifestyle of drugs, seldom-remembered nights, and empty days. By living ‘dead,’ I denied the power of my femininity and my true purpose in the world.

WOMEN transform the world. We are blessed with beauty, influence, an ability to communicate well, intuitive wisdom, strength and endurance, and a knack for relationships. The world is transformed through relationships AND our influence. What power we have!

But our blessings can also be CURSES. When we don’t take responsibility for our gifts as women, we gossip, slander others, are vindictive in relationships, dress immodestly, deny our intuition and make poor choices, treat our bodies badly, and influence others for ill. This makes any woman ugly.

VITALITY is ‘the power giving continuance to life.’ It’s our energy. Our vitality is what fuels us to be our highest selves every day, to feel our best all of the time, and to live as the women we are called to be. It’s what allows us to be ‘super-woman mama,’ taking care of kids, work, the house, and feeling as vibrant at 9PM as 9AM.

Our VITALITY is the vehicle through which we bless the world through our interactions with our family, friends, co-workers, and complete strangers. We each have this amazing opportunity to truly be a blessing to everyone with whom we come in contact. And VITALITY facilitates this effortlessly – blessing simply flows from you.

Without VITALITY, we’ll use our gifts more often as curses instead of blessings. We’ll gossip. We’ll be mean to those we love. We’ll manipulate. Then we’ll beat ourselves up about it, feel guilty, and resolve to do better next time. But then it happens again. And again. And again.

This isn’t YOUR fault. When we get things ‘out of order,’ nothing flows right. We’ve been told to focus on the WRONG things our entire lives. Like getting the ‘IT’ job, husband, car, vacation. Or eating less and moving more to lose weight. Or ‘balancing’ our work and family. Or ‘managing’ our diseases (or time) well.

MORE isn’t always BETTER nor does it equal EFFECTIVE. Instead of trying to schedule in MORE time for exercise or resolving to do better this time on your diet, how about critiquing the effectiveness of your current regimen? Is it more trouble than it’s worth? Are you seeing consistent, weekly progress?

How about working smarter and NOT harder? Instead of being master organizers, schedulers, and time-managers, how about focusing on the few things that work in ALL arenas and FORGET ABOUT the rest?

Out of our VITALITY flow health, fat loss, fitness, abundant energy, a clear mind, and confidence. Focusing on VITALITY affects every area because we’ll feel better and more alert. We’ll actually notice the opportunities and jump on them!

  • Our moods will be more even, without depression nor anxiety (yes, really!).
  • Our bodies let go of unwanted fat effortlessly.
  • We won’t want MORE TIME because we have plenty every day.
  • There’s no confusion about how to have a great life.
  • We’ll use our influence to affect everyone around us positively.

Here’s the truth: focus on your VITALITY and everything else will fall into place. Because your VITALITY is your vehicle for using your gifts as blessings, for clearing your mind of the clutter, and having a focused plan that brings consistent, effective results in ALL areas.


Your Vitality Assignment:

Take a few minutes of quiet time to ponder what it means to be a woman in today’s world. What sort of opportunities do you have? What are your gifts? How do you use your gifts on a regular basis?

Now, this week, I simply want you to notice how many people look to you for your guidance, leadership, advice, encouragement; how many people depend on you for your care, sustenance, love; how many people lean on you for your strength, steadfastness, endurance; how many people you bring joy to through your sense of humor, fun-loving personality, and smile.

Let it soak in. You are important. You have great influence in this world. 🙂


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