[90 Days of Vitality] Day 58: The Blood Sugar Link to Your Low Quality of Life

I learned a very important lesson last weekend as I threw my normal way of eating to the wind and ate oatmeal for breakfast (with almond butter and butter), gelato for second breakfast, and two glasses of wine with dinner. Basically a day of sugar, but a bit on the G-level compared to most Western diets that involve bagels for breakfast, granola bars for snack, sandwiches for lunch, another granola bar or cookie for snack, and pasta for dinner.

As I felt nauseous, hungry, and irritable a mere TWO HOURS after breakfast, I remembered, THIS is what most of my clients go through every single day before they seek my help. THIS is what I experienced every single day before I learned how to eat for my best life! 

Poor blood sugar regulation is at the root of trouble losing weight and keeping it off, diabetes, heart disease, migraines, frequent illness, high cholesterol, and holding weight around your middle (just to name a few).

When we eat sugar and grains like wheat, corn, or rice (which turn into sugar), our bodies release a hormone called insulin to flush the sugar into your cells and store it for later use (as fat). When we eat a massive “sugar bomb” with poor blood sugar regulation, our insulin levels spike and then drop causing us to feel hungry, tired, headachy, irritable, and nauseous. The remedy? A snack or meal. Repeat throughout the day without much physical activity (OR the wrong kind of physical activity) and you’ve stored more fat than you’ve used and you slowly (or quickly) gain weight (to say nothing of the effect on your hormones… another story).

I was irritated last Saturday when – on my only day off with my husband for awhile – I felt ill and nauseous. On one level, I was glad I knew what was happening in my body but on another, I was upset that I was distracted from being fully present and enjoying my time with him by my nausea and headache. 

When we feel bad, our knee-jerk reaction is to focus on our ailments. Sure, we can rise above and overcome these physical symptoms, OR we can simply remove them through eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. The choice is yours. I choose the simpler, more effective way that does not depend on my willpower. What about you?

Your Assignment

  1. What quality of foods do you nourish your body with?
  2. What is your current quality of life? Rockstar? Or could-be-better?
  3. Connect the dots with your quality of life and the foods your feed your body with.
  4. Begin nourishing with quality real food and experiencing a fullness if life!

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