90 Days of Vitality – Day 3 – How to Banish Incessant Sugar Cravings (Once & For All), Part II

Last week we covered the complex reasons why we crave sugar, because there isn’t a cookie cutter solution. If you missed that article, click here to read it now.

There are physical, mental, emotional, and social reasons as to why we crave, eat, and binge on sugary substances! In fact, there is a spectrum within each category, so it’s really important that you do the internal work to know what triggers you, why you crave what you crave, and the awareness that you build will be 90 per cent of the solution.

Now that you know your individual reasons why you crave sugar, what can you do about it? 

First, realize that an external struggle – like cravings – are symptoms of an internal struggle. So the solution takes us inside. You’ll get Step 1 today (believe me, it’s enough to focus on for a year!) and the following steps in videos over the next 4-5 days!

1. Nourish Your Body

The food we eat is relatively simple to control. Our bodies require a certain amount of nutrients, minerals, and trace minerals to survive. And then our bodies require a level up to thrive. Since my intention is for you to thrive so you can be a blessing in the world.

Nourishing your body with real, whole, unprocessed foods is vitally important whether you’re a mom, a business owner, a friend, or a colleague. Your body needs that because when it doesn’t get the necessary raw materials, it begins to break down and this shows up in ways like anxiety, depression, weight gain, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, skin disorders, metabolic conditions, and more.

So the very first step to overcoming sugar cravings is to give our bodies the necessary raw materials to thrive. This step removes the basic, physical hurdles in this journey and, without it, the remaining steps will be difficult, if not impossible, to put into practice.


Your Vitality Assignment

Have you pinpointed the source of your sugar cravings? If not, go do that now. Refer to this article for help.

Are you choosing high quality proteins, fats, and veggies at every meal? If not, no wonder you’re experiencing so many sugar cravings!

Take a 7 Day Real Food Challenge and rise up to eat healthy choices at every meal for the next 7 days!



Comment below and share your comments, okay? And if this message can help someone you know and love, please share it with them. You never know whose life you’ll save (seriously). 


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