4 Synergistic Ways to Turn A Diet Into A Lifestyle You Love

Lasting change isn’t sexy… at first. Instead, it’s messy, often tough, and at several times you probably just want to quit because is it *really* worth it?

 Turning your healthy challenges, choices, diets, and fitness challenges into lifestyles you love is a bit more involved than just “more willpower” yet much simpler than tracking 100% of the time, counting every calorie/point/pound, implementing this system and that add-on, and, well, you get the drift.

Watch today’s video to learn the ways to add PADS to your current plan and enjoy the journey.


THEN, leave a thoughtful comment below sharing the ONE thing that stood out to you most and what you plan to put into practice today! 🙂







Gerilyn Burnett liberates women from the downward spiral of ever-increasing responsibility and stress without self-care to experience more ENERGY, more VITALITY, and a fitter body permanently! She trains women (& some awesome men) all over the world how to eat, move, and live for their best mind, body, and life! Her own journey from miserable, fat, stuck, and tired to fit, confident, vibrant, and delicious make her uniquely suited for this mission! She has a knack for creating contagious healthy experiences and providing the needed support and accountability that turn diets into lifestyles and dreams into realities. Get started on your journey to vibrant vitality for life here

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