Reach Goals Faster & With More Ease With This One Simple Practice

Josh Waitzkin tells a story about Billy Kidd, an olympic skier in the 80s, during an interview for Tim Ferriss’ podcast. “What do you think are the three most important turns of the ski run?” Billy asks.  And most people say the middle because it’s the hardest, the beginning to gain momentum. Billy describes the…

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That’s when I snapped.

Voila_Capture 2014-12-17_07-49-19_AM

Fries cooked in tallow twice sold me. That’s not a restaurant experience you get everyday. We were heading to Worthy Burger. Flannel, trucker hats, and 37 craft beers reassured me I was in the right place. No frills, just local food. We both order the burger with bacon but no bun, his topped with cheddar,…

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Foodie Friday: Thai Basil Tacos, Kale, & Proscuitto Asparagus

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If you need more recipe ideas, look no further. Since my nutrition and personal training clients constantly beg for more ideas for healthy food in the kitchen, y’all too can benefit from my adventures as a healthy cook. Three recipes per week to inspire your culinary adventures. Sometimes I go by recipes. Other times I use…

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2014: Annual Year End Review

If you’ve ever experienced failure then you know about the gnawing pit of despair where life slips into a fog and the only audible voice lingers inside your head. Am I a failure? Will I ever recover? What next? What does this mean about me? How can I ever face anyone again? Do they know? What…

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2014 Massachusetts State Strong(wo)man Championships

I did it!!!! Twelve weeks of contest prep culminated in a BIG WIN Saturday, August 9th at the 2014 Massachusetts State Strong(wo)man Championships in the Women’s Lightweight Open Division. While we often only see the competitor picking up the trophy, no one gets there without a team. Before my write-up, I’d like to thank each and every person…

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Step 1: Know What You Focus On

The other day I asked if you believed wealth and poverty were a state of mind. Your responses were great, like: • “…The wealthy people are all happy? The poor people are all not happy? Some wealthy people killed themselves because they got lost when they had everything in the world. They were spiritually poor,…

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Is poverty just a mindset?

I listened to this podcast with Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits, on Bulletproof Radio recently and was struck by his claim that poverty and wealth are a mindset propagated by parents/caregivers, not a condition. He says things like: Wealth and poverty are consequences of habits over a lifetime. Wealthy people watch much less TV…

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5 Steps to Flourishing

In a rush? (Download this 1-page overview of your path to flourishing here) Read on for nourishing details. 1. Know what you focus on.  How did you spend your time last week? Where was your mind? At work, home, or with friends… or off in the future or past, dwelling? Without knowing where your focus…

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Where’s Your YES?

I was listening to “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance” on Audible the other day (that’s how I digest 1-2 books a week while working 12 hour days) and suddenly felt like I’d been hit by a Mack Truck. This book is all about flow, that optimal mental state where you…

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Embrace Life

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Revel in the chirping of the birds. Accept challenge and happiness and pain. What a gift to feel.   Grow!   In all things, give thanks. Give yourself grace to be, to learn, to flourish. Contribute.   Live here in this moment. Walk with wisdom. Your life is a fleeting breath.   Your presence is…

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