Easy Paleo Pumpkin Pie Mug Cake

With 30g of protein & a whole lotta spice, what’s not to love about a mug cake. Mix, microwave, done. I love using Collagen Protein (<not an affiliate link) to double the protein in hot chocolate, pie, cookies, peanut butter, you name it… and fall is no exception. Depending on the texture you prefer (or…

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Recipe: Carrot Tahini Salad

Everyone loves a mouth-watering side dish packed with flavor, punch and pizzaz. This Carrot Tahini Salad (mildly adapted from this recipe on Smitten Kitchen) pops on your plate with color, nutrition, and is a staple in our house. Vegetarian on its own and perfect when combined with an easy peasy protein. I personally love to double this…

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Battle of the Belles 6 Write-Up

What does success mean to you? It could be: entering the competition & showing up winning beating personal records doing your best beating a rival competitor achieving goals in certain events performing better than yesterday completing the training that culminated in being prepared for this big day Six weeks ago I received a speaking invitation the weekend after…

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Storing healthy food in clear containers means you'll eat it.

Why Your Good Habits Fail (& What to Do Instead)

Your environment is the strongest predictor of your behaviors. If you live in an active city, you’ll be more active. If all your co-workers order salads, you’ll order a salad too. If you keep chocolate bars on the counter, you’ll eat more chocolate. You can design your environment for guaranteed success on the behaviors you want…

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How to Do What’s Good For You (Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It)

How do you do what you know you should when you don’t feel like it and aren’t motivated? Making good decisions when you feel good is easy. But making good decisions when you don’t feel it, like eating healthy food when you just want to drown yourself in a river of ice cream, feels hard. That’s why we need…

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YOU teach exercise?!?!?

“YOU teach exercise?!?!” she said. I was fat… again. This time I was in Texas volunteering as a summer counselor for foster children. Between the boxed, frozen and fried meals in the cafeteria and the cookie-filled snack room, I re-bloated to my former January self like inflating a bike tire after the winter off… ……

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Your Free Rapid Results Resolution Guide to Start Your Year Off Right!

As promised, here is your free Rapid Results Resolution Map to start your new year off right. If you haven’t already, use the following free PDF (click the image to download) to work through your goals for the coming year.   Start here >>>>> Then, use The Catalyst Technique >>> Finally, apply The Overload >…

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Start Taking Action With The Overload > Load > Deload Method

“You get what you tolerate.” -Tony Robbins What are you “putting up with” in life that you wish you didn’t have to? a friend that takes but never gives a dead-end relationship or job piling credit card debt extra pounds the same new year’s resolutions, year after year Some people thrive during stress while others shrivel for…

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How to Double Your Intrinsic Motivation & Achieve Your Goals (When Nothing Seems to Work)

The benefits of achieving the goals you set for yourself are clear: Achieving goals increases your trust in yourself. With CONFIDENCE, you’re unstoppable! With success, you possess MORE TIME & ENERGY to focus on things you love. With consistent forward progress, you live a full life with NO REGRETS and LOTS OF MEANING.   The…

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Delicious but complicated french stew. Click "display photos" to see it

Screw SMART Goals

French cooking (see recipe below) and SMART goals have three things in common. Too complicated. Too overwhelming. And unless you feel truly inspired, there’s no way you’re following through. SMART goals look really great on paper but suck in real life. It’s really easy to spend a chunk of time creating and planning goals out on vision…

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